Oracle Buys Dutch Software Firm Moniforce

Performance management suite will beef up Oracle's Enterprise Manager 10g suite.

Oracle acquired a Dutch application performance management software vendor, Moniforce, it announced Dec. 6, and with it the ability to add tools that help application administrators better detect and resolve end user and application logic issues.

Moniforce's software works across IT landscapes—from the user applications to the middleware, database and the underlying infrastructure layers.

The terms of the deal were undisclosed.

Moniforce's technology suite, with products for user and business transaction monitoring, load and stress testing and web analytics, will be added to Oracle's Enterprise Manager 10 suite. The company also brings a roster of clients across vertical markets that Oracle competes heavily in, including financial, retail and government sectors.

"The addition of Moniforce significantly broadens the scope of business exceptions addressed by Oracle Enterprise Manager, allowing administrators to proactively monitor and analyze the application experience from a user's standpoint," said Chuck Rozwat, Oracle's executive vice president of product development, in a statement.


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Of particular interest to Oracle is Moniforce's UXinsight software. The company plans to use it to add evaluation of the users' experience to Enterprise Manager. UXinsight detects errors in application logic, including the ability to monitor performance in custom applications—regardless of whether they run in an Oracle or non-Oracle infrastructure. In addition, Moniforce's WebProbe appliance provides insight in how users experience the performance and technical quality of a Web site and Web applications.


In a June research report Forrester analyst Jean-Pierre Garbani said that although Moniforce is a European vendor, it offers "a world-class suite of Web application management solutions. The company's appliance-based end user experience monitoring solution, WebProbe, forms a key element in managing service levels and supporting mission critical Web applications."

Oracle plans to hold on to Moniforce's managers and employees, though it's not clear if the Moniforce team will migrate to Oracle's headquarters in Redwood Shores, Calif., or maintain the company's Dutch roots.


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