Oracle Buys GoldenGate to Boost Database, Middleware Products

Oracle has picked up another company and plans to integrate its technology into its database and middleware products. Oracle announced that it has bought GoldenGate Software for an undisclosed sum, adding that company to a list that includes the likes of Sun Microsystems and Virtual Iron.

Oracle is adding to its stable of acquisitions, announcing June 23 that it is buying GoldenGate Software, a private company that specializes in data integration technology that works in real time.

Oracle is expected to close the deal with GoldenGate later this year. The two companies did not disclose any financial details.

While Oracle is just announcing its latest acquisitions, the two companies have worked closely for about 10 years. Right now, many of GoldenGate's products are already integrated with Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and other Oracle applications.

Although Oracle did not specify how it will integrate GoldenGate's technology into its products, it's likely that Oracle plans to enhance its middleware and database products through the company's data integration technology.

The goal, according to Oracle, is to allow data to move between heterogeneous systems in real time without any downtime. The new offers are expected to also increase business intelligence while enhancing replication and reducing maintenance.

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This should allow high-volume transitions, such as online banking, insurance claims and retail purchases, to continue without any disruption to the service or the customer.

"The need to improve operating performance in a global 24x7 environment has led to the need for data integration to support real-time and high availability capabilities," Hasan Rizvi, senior vice president of Oracle Fusion Middleware Product Development, wrote on Oracle's Website. "With the addition of GoldenGate, Oracle expects to help our customers achieve better performance through improved business intelligence and business continuity with real-time information."

While other companies have hunkered down as the global recession continues, Oracle has gone on a high-profile buying spree since the beginning of the year. Its most significant acquisition, the $7.4 billion deal for Sun Microsystems, is expected to close soon.

In addition, Oracle has picked up a number of smaller companies, including Virtual Iron, a small firm that specializes in x86 virtualization technology. Like with GoldenGate, Oracle has not specified how it plans to integrate Virtual Iron's products into its portfolio just yet.

Earlier this month, Oracle announced the latest version of its middleware-Fusion Middleware 11g-and the new platform takes better advantage of virtualization, as well as offering new developer tools to help build better applications. Oracle also integrated features into the new middleware that allow enterprises to take advantage of social networking tools and other types of collaboration technology.