Orchestrating Web Services

Collaxa targets its first product, a Web services orchestration engine, at developers seeking to deliver an enterprise application integration solution based on Web services.

Collaxa Inc., a relatively new company in the Web services arena, on Monday released its first product, a Web services orchestration engine.

The Collaxa Web Services Orchestration Server 1.0 is aimed at building out the integration promise of Web services and is targeted at developers seeking to deliver an enterprise application integration solution based on Web services, officials at the Redwood Shores, Calif., company said.

The Collaxa Web Service Orchestration Server (WSOS) 1.0 is now available for BEA Systems Inc.s WebLogic application server for public download at http://www.collaxa.com/developer.jsp, and WSOS 1.0 for the Oracle9i application server and database is now available for private download.

Company officials said the new orchestration server will enable Java developers to bring integration to mainstream projects by delivering an orchestration method of coordinating, managing and monitoring Web services.

The software has undergone beta testing and through a pilot program consisting of more than 150 developers, the company said.

Collaxa officials said making Web services work is a two-step process: publish first, then orchestrate.

Orchestration, the company said, involves three main elements: coordination, including asynchronous communications, parallel processing, event handling, business transaction protocol (BTP), clustering and scalability; management, including administration, cancellation and change management, exception and timeouts, and version control; and activity monitoring, which includes business reporting, audit trailing and non-repudiation.

The Collaxa WSOS works by encapsulating the orchestration facilities necessary to coordinate, manage and monitor service-oriented business processes. WSOS exposes these facilities to developers through a Java Server Pages-like component called ScenarioBean and is based on industry standards such as XML, Simple Object Access Protocol, Web Services Description Language, Java Message Service, BTP and ebXML.

In addition to the ScenarioBeans, which enable Java developers to compose multiple Web Services and user interactions, the WSOS features two other primary components: the orchestration server and the Collaxa Web Service Orchestration Console for administering the services.

The Collaxa WSOS 1.0 Developer Edition is available for download with a free 60-day trial (or $30 CD). Server licensing of the Collaxa WSOS starts at $10,000.