OutSystems Launches New SAP Edition

OutSystems announces new software and services to support customers that have standardized on the Sap enterprise software stack.

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OutSystems, which provides a platform for rapid application delivery (RAD) of enterprise apps, announced the release of a new enterprise edition of its OutSystems Platform for SAP.

OutSystems enables organizations to quickly and easily build end-to-end applications that make the most of their custom SAP implementation and that run across all devices and screens. The demand for mobile applications and the resulting need to design new digital experiences for all users are pushing companies to find better and faster ways of adapting SAP to new mobile customer journeys.

OutSystems officials said that, for organizations to retain the power of SAP and implement the new generation of mobile apps, many SAP customers must innovate around the edges—adding new capabilities through proprietary and third-party solutions. However, this approach can be problematic. Attempting to bend SAP software to the will of the user often produces outcomes that don't necessarily deliver intended results.

However, OutSystems says its platform provides an easy path to helping enterprises update their SAP implementations. OutSystems provides capabilities, such as rapid development for SAP, where developers can deliver complex enterprise applications that use SAP data six times faster than hand coding, the company said. With the OutSystems Platform for SAP, users can also create applications on top of SAP that can be deployed on any device; integrate existing systems, including custom SAP implementations, no matter how complex; and inherit what matters from SAP—security, governance, transactional integrity and scalability.

"The chaos that modern mobile requirements bring to SAP shops is astounding and creates an unnecessary burden for companies," Sean Allen, director of product strategy at OutSystems, said in a statement. "The tight integration between OutSystems Platform and SAP allows organizations to retain the major benefits of SAP, while still delivering sophisticated applications with great user experiences."

With the OutSystems Platform, custom SAP implementations remain intact, while delivering engaging applications that connect to business and customer needs. OutSystems provides an enterprise RAD platform that makes it easy to develop apps once and deliver them across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Web—deeply integrated with existing cloud and on-premises databases and systems of record, the company said.

In April, OutSystems released the latest version of its offering, known as OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam. OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam enhances integration options, omni-channel experience and app change capabilities, and advances core technology and enterprise-scale functionality.

"RAD tools have been plagued with a bad reputation, and in most cases, it's well deserved," said Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems, in a statement. "This market category is filled with incomplete offerings that are limited and don't properly handle the requirements of large organizations. With this release of OutSystems Platform, we are reinforcing our position as the only RAD platform that addresses the needs of the enterprise in terms of governance, scalability and security without compromising rapid delivery."

OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam helps enterprises manage complexity, regardless of the application being built, the architecture it leverages, where it is hosted, or its mobile requirements, the company said. New functionality in this release includes support for enterprise-scale deployments and the enforcement of branding and architectural standards, which allows for easy definition of federated policies and security rules, and leverages existing identity systems.

The latest version also provides comprehensive visual modeling capabilities, such as business process, visual logic and data manipulation, to the rapid creation of rich back-end microservices. OutSystems also enhances the ability to capture context and user feedback directly, across all devices.

In addition, four new template apps are available to help OutSystems customers further increase productivity. In addition, existing template apps are being refactored to improve their ability to expand and integrate.

"OutSystems takes a lot of mundane work and challenges and streamlines it for development across all of our applications, regardless of their complexity or how they have to be delivered," Nic Ladas, engineer at EMC, said in a statement. "OutSystems Platform provides significant time savings, easy integration with disparate data back-ends, and a rich mobile experience. With OutSystems, our existing team has improved efficiency, unified development across multiple teams and platforms, and greatly simplified the management of applications across the software lifecycle."