Photoshop Cloning Tool Automatically Corrects for 3-D Perspective

Mok3's Perspective Clone Brush saves guesswork and manual retouching.

Mok3, a provider of solutions for creating and editing photo-realistic 3-D scenes from 2-D images, has introduced a Perspective Clone Brush plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. According to Mok3s Jan. 31 press release, this plug-in lets graphic designers rapidly clone areas in an image with automatic correction for 3-D perspective and simultaneous correction for differences in lighting and scale in the image.

With conventional cloning tools, users can paint by copying portions of an image, but the images may not blend properly due to differences in 3-D perspective in the target clone area. Distorting the new textures to achieve the correct perspective for the cloned information is time-consuming.

With the Perspective Clone Brush, designers can avoid the iterative guesswork involved in cloning textures from one perspective to another.

The Perspective Clone Brush can paint textures in correct 3-D perspective within one virtual drawing plane, which is useful for painting out obstructions. According to the Mok3 Web site, users can also copy textures between two virtual drawing planes with different orientations, seamlessly replacing an existing texture with a new one while accurately correcting for differences in 3-D perspective.

A special feature for lighting corrections ensures that the new texture looks realistic, despite any differences in lighting between the old and the new.

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