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Expert audio and video commentary from Jim Louderback, David Coursey, Patrick Norton, Peter Coffee and other tech heavyweights.

eWEEK, the Enterprise Newsweekly, brings you a weekly roundup of the top stories from its latest issue, including a product review from eWEEK Labs, commentary from columnists such as Peter Coffee, and the latest musings from Spencer F. Katt.

The editors at ExtremeTech.com gather every Monday morning to discuss technology news, product reviews and whats to come on ExtremeTech.com.

Whats New Now
Join Jim Louderback and Patrick Norton as they present, dissect and debate their favorite tech stories of the week.

David Courseys Gearlog Radio
Industry leaders and experts join Gearlog.com editor David Coursey for a 15-minute talk about the trends and technologies driving electronic devices.

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DigitalLife TV
By tech fans, for tech fans: Every Tuesday DigitalLife TV streams a live IPTV show over the Web. Then we encode it in your favorite formats and make it available for download. Product reviews, tech tips, viewer questions, gaming and great guests. More ...

Catch eSeminars events and listen to a specific topic. Topics include security, wireless tech, storage, enterprise apps and Linux/open source. More ...

DigitalLife TV
Prefer to download and listen to audio from DigitalLife TV in a Podcast format? Weve got you covered. More...

What is a Podcast? Podcasting is a method of publishing audio programs via the internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed of new files (usually MP3s)