Popkin, Intalio Team on Biz Processes

Partnership combines Popkin's modeling tools with Intalio's business process execution engine.

Enterprise modeling developer Popkin Software and Intalio Inc. announced a partnership Tuesday that will combine Popkins modeling tools with Intalios business process execution engine.

The joint solution integrates Intalios n/3 Business Process Management System [BPMS] with Popkins System Architect tool set.

The idea behind the partnership is to provide companies that have invested in Popkin modeling software the capability to execute on those models by graphically mapping to backend IT systems and transforming the models.

The interchange technology to accomplish this with the combined software is based on the Business Process Modeling Language, a standard recently released by BPMI.org—which is co-chaired by Ishmael Ghalimi, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Intalio.

For the new solution, Popkins System Architect will export BPML generated from process models either created using traditional techniques like IDEF, a structured approach to process modeling and analysis, or the newly defined BPMN, officials said. The BPML is then executable in Intalio n/3 Designer and deployed onto the Intalio n/3 Server.

The relationship between Intalio and Popkin is meant to take business process management to a new level, Intalio officials said, in San Mateo, Calif. By using the integrated products, users will have the ability to use System Architect to model their business processes and then create a path to process deployment using Intalios technology.

Popkin, of New York City, has offered business process modeling software for more than a decade. The company is also one of the original developers of the BPMN standard, according to CEO Jan Popkin.

Intalio, on the other hand, is a relatively new company founded in 1999. In January the company announced the second iteration of its n/3 BPMS, along with the initial relationship with Popkin.

Intalio also has close ties with Popkin rival IDS Scheer AG.

The combined solution from Popkin and Intalio will be available early in the second quarter.