Postini Adds New Anti-Spam Techniques

The company now gauges e-mail senders' past behavior to ferret out spam.

Anti-spam service provider Postini has added sender behavior to its techniques for stopping junk mail. The company is identifying spam sources by tracking in real time the spammers IP address—the one part of an e-mail message that cannot be spoofed.

Earlier this month, Postini reported that tracking sender behavior had enabled its service to block 53 percent of e-mail connections without having to read the message to determine that it was unwanted.

IT managers should be interested in the approach Postini is taking for two reasons. First, blocking e-mail connection requests based on the senders past bad behavior is part and parcel of the move to sender-authentication anti-spam proposals that will likely start to take shape later this year.

Second, Symantec, which recently finished its acquisition of Brightmail, just bought TurnTide, which makes a product that also monitors sender behavior to determine who is naughty or nice using a technique similar to that used by Postini.

Symantec and Postini are angling to move identification of spam sources further away from recipients, a move in the right direction for stopping spam. Read Postinis report at press/pr/pr070604.html.


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