PowerPoint Gets Back to Roots

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PowerPoint Gets Back to Roots

by P. J. Connolly

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PowerPoints New Ribbon Interface

The "ribbon" interface in PowerPoint 2011 groups related functions in an organized and logical fashion.

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Save to SharePoint

Saving a PowerPoint 2011 presentation to a SharePoint 2007 or later collaboration server is a matter of filling in the URL and appropriate credentials.

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PowerPoints Media Browser

PowerPoint 2011 makes it easy to access audio from iTunes collections, images from iPhoto or video in iMovie projects.

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Sections Make Organizing Simple

Lengthy presentations will benefit from PowerPoint 2011's ability to block off sections of slides for easier organizing.

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Shrink a Presentation Quickly

It's easy to modify image file sizes in PowerPoint 2011 to make images more Web-friendly; this can be done globally or one image at a time.

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Edit Embedded Movies

The editing tools in PowerPoint 2011 give one the ability to modify embedded movies without requiring extra software.

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Compare Versions Easily

The new Compare option allows one to quickly and easily compare two presentation files, and identify differences.

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Share Your Presentation

PowerPoint's new Broadcast feature allows one to make a presentation accessible by anyone invited to view it.

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