Princetons Optim Bridges Data

Princeton Softech's new Optim technology is designed to centralize the tasks of enterprise-wide data management in a single offering.

Princeton Softech Inc. is unveiling its new Optim technology, which is designed to bring the various tasks of enterprise-wide data management within a single centralized offering.

A combination of new and existing Princeton Softech tools and services, Optim integrates the archiving, management and privatization of structured data across payroll, ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management) and customized applications.

It is meant to serve as a bridge to connect disparate data within applications through policies and rules, while catering to storage architecture requirements, said Jim Lee, vice president for business and product line management at Princeton Softech, in Princeton, N.J.

Optim is available now for Amdocs, Oracle Corp., PeopleSoft Inc., JD Edwards and Siebel Systems Inc. applications and all custom applications. Current Princeton Softech customers can receive Optim as an upgrade.

Robert Skaljin, IT manager for corporate technology at TD Bank Financial Group, in Toronto, is in the midst of configuring Princeton Softech technology within his development environment.

Skaljin said he plans to roll out the functionality in separate human resources production phases beginning by the end of this year and continuing on through next year.

Responsible for running payroll benefits, administration, and time and labor components associated with PeopleSoft HCM 8.8 on an IBM OS/390 and DB2 architecture, Skaljin said that the applications data volume growth had simply become too much to bear.

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"What we wanted to do was take more of a proactive approach to things, and our areas of concern were primarily around DASD [direct-access storage device] storage as well as maintaining systems current performance levels," said Skaljin. "We have a pretty complex configuration from a PeopleSoft point of view as to how our company is structured ... so we wanted to start looking at data management and archiving rather than running into performance issues and huge volumes of data."

Princeton Softechs data management strength lies within the companys templates, which easily understand integrity between data tables and archiving, as well as simplified customization techniques, said Skaljin.

"Right now, our focus is just on the HR application—we are not launching this as an enterprise-wide application. However, [Optim] is something that other applications in the bank will definitely bring to light and may be considered for archiving and data management," he said.

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