Quadralays WebWorks Converts Online Content

Quadralay unveils WebWorks OnTime, an online e-publishing service that converts Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker documents to other formats.

Content-conscious organizations have a new tool at their disposal to speed often-daunting content conversion, as electronic publishing solutions provider Quadralay Corporation has unveiled WebWorks OnTime, an online ePublishing service that converts companies Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker source file documents of any size to another format or multiple formats.

WebWorks OnTime enables users to convert their Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker content into different formats without additional in-house hardware or software. WebWorks OnTime converts Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker and XML content into other electronic formats, including Dynamic HTML, Simple HTML and XML with XSL.

Additionally, it can convert online browser-based help systems, such as WebWorks Help, Microsoft HTML Help, Microsoft WinHelp, Sun JavaHelp and Oracle Help.

Bruce Popky, VP of marketing, said the company is offering this new service because it recognized the need for expedient content turnaround, as well as customization and ease of future content posting.

"We saw a real need for people to convert without having to learn anything. We felt that getting the content out there should be significantly easier. We take the companies content and convert it for them, and the advantages are cost and customization. There is little cost associated to the company, they dont have to ramp up or devote an in-house employee or team to post content, and once the initial customization is done we repeat the process with each set of content files."

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Popky says using WebWorks OnTime instead of an in-house solution not only reduces the turnaround time, but also helps companies avoid the conversion mire that can often occur when working with several different files from varied sources within a company: "The tricky part is not getting the content online, its getting it the way you want it. We make sure it works, because sometimes documents even within the same provider are incongruous, especially with MS Word."

WebWorks OnTime is also multilingual and offers language translation for up to 45 languages.

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