Quark Allies with DeskNet

The alliance signals Quark's intention to expand its reach to the financial services market by combining the Quark Dynamic Document Server and DeskNet's ContentWelder.

Quark has announced a strategic alliance with DeskNet, a provider of enterprise customer communications software to financial services organizations.

With the newly announced alliance, Quark Inc. signaled its intention to extend its reach into the financial services market by coupling DeskNet Inc.s solutions and its own publishing platform in the hopes of gaining customers and identifying and empowering cross-selling initiatives.

The alliance of the two companies will also create a single enterprise platform for customers to better enable sales and marketing messages and to more closely align with any regulatory reporting as well.

"Our commitment to our customers is our number one priority, and this is the step were taking to provide an efficient solution while reaching a very specific, influential market," said Kamar Aulakh, CEO and president of Quark.

"We look forward to working with DeskNet to provide innovative solutions to our customers through the addition of Quark Dynamic Document Server to DeskNets ContentWelder."