Readers Respond: Fighting Cyber-Crime

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "Fighting Cyber-Crime."

I read with great interest your editorial "Fighting Cyber-Crime" (Dec. 12). I found this statement particularly poignant: "Theres still a lingering tendency to distinguish things in cyberspace from the same things in more familiar environments."

With a new generation of surgically precise attacks against specific companies, cyber-criminals are causing more damage in destroyed or stolen information than many criminals do with a handgun.

Even more alarming is that, due to the targeted nature of these attacks, it often takes days or months before a company realizes that a significant breach may have occurred.

Chief information security officers need to lead the charge and hold virtual or network security breaches to the same level of scrutiny as a physical or plant security breach. This involves not only having a strong perimeter defense but (and this may be even more important) a strong internal defense.

Matt Miller
Vice President of Engineering
Counterstorm Inc.
New York