Ready to Jump Out a WinDough

If you play a free, online lottery, you usually get your money's worth.

Subscribers to WinDough have a right to be disheartened. The online lottery site allows customers to pick seven numbers that they hope will be chosen by the Lotto computer.

On March 2, many of us received e-mails announcing our numbers were picked by the computer the day before. Finally, after all those days of clicking the WinDough daily e-mail and watching the virtual "Lotto" balls appear with digits that didnt even come close to our chosen numbers, some of us thought wed hit the big time.

Financial independence was but a mere click—and an overnighted check—away.

Unfortunately, the hopeful were then informed they had not won after all.

In an apologetic subsequent e-mail, WinDough president Scott Kurland said, "Although we strive for 100 percent perfection, human and technical errors are inevitable from time to time and our Official Rules ... provide for these contingencies."

So, for many, dreams

of that sporty new Boxster (a convertible, of course) vanished with the closing of their inbox. I wasnt even lucky enough to get the inaccurate e-mail saying Id won the elusive grand prize in the first place.