Red Hat Adds Dynamic Case Management Features to BPM Suite

Today’s topics include Red Hat Process Automation 7 going cloud-native, and Samsung unveiling an 8TB small form factor solid-state drive for data centers.

Red Hat on June 19 released its Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7 update, which extends the business process management platform to Red Hat's OpenShift Kubernetes container platform.

According to Meg Foley, product marketing manager of business automation at Red Hat, "When organizations can use a tool like Red Hat Process Automation Manager to build applications that automate business processes and workflows, they can automate not only individual business decisions, but the business itself.”

A subscription for Red Hat Process Automation Manager also includes a full subscription to Red Hat Decision Manager, which is based on the open-source Drools project, as well as complex event processing and business resource planning capabilities based on the open-source OptaPlanner project.

Samsung on June 21 introduced the industry’s highest-capacity non-volatile memory solid-state drive, the NF1, based on the very small Next-generation Small Form Factor.

The new drive is an 8TB SSD that has been optimized for data-intensive analytics and virtualization applications in next-generation data centers and enterprise server systems.

It is built with 16 of Samsung’s 512-gigabyte NAND packages, each stacked in 16 layers of 256-gigabit 3-bit V-NAND chips, achieving an 8TB density in an ultra-small footprint of 11 x 3.05 centimeters. This is twice the capacity offered by the M.2 non-volatile memory SSD commonly used in hyper-scale server designs and ultra-slim laptops.