Report: Wal-Mart RFID Has Gone Quiet, Not Inactive

News Analysis: Wal-Mart is proceeding quietly, but aggressively with its RFID efforts, according to a report.

Contrary to some concern that Wal-Marts recent silence about RFID (radio-frequency identification) means that the retail giant, headquartered in Arkansas, was backing off, the firm is actually proceeding aggressively—and quietly, according to the latest monthly RFID report from financial management firm Robert W. Baird & Co.

"Most industry participants, and certainly most external observers, believe Wal-Mart has curtailed their RFID efforts, particularly given little in the way of new communication from the retail giant," the report said.

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"However, we believe the primary reason for the lack of communication is the transfer of RFID responsibility to logistic operations within Wal-Mart from IT."

"Such a transition, along with the continued implementation of readers, is likely requiring some digestion. We view this transition as a natural progression, and are encouraged that Wal-Mart views RFID importantly enough to make it the responsibility of their day-to-day operators," the report continued.

"We further understand that Wal-Mart has recently sent a series of letters inquiring of some vendors their lack of compliance, said the report.

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