Reuters, MSN to Announce Connectivity Deal

Secure connections between the companies' IM services may launch as early as January.

Reuters PLC and Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday are expected formally to announce a deal that will use new instant-messaging management technology from IMLogic Inc. to connect the Reuters IM and MSN Messenger IM services securely.

Reuters is licensing IMLogics IM Manager platform and will deploy the software at its data centers to manage connectivity between its IM service and MSN Messenger. Reuters is expected to offer this connectivity to other IM services, such as AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger as well.

The technology is expected to be deployed as early as January.

"Were providing technology that connects two IM networks," said Francis deSouza, CEO of IMLogic. "For the first time ever, technology will make this connection in an authorized way."

IMLogic will add namespace management and protocol translation technologies to IM Manager to help to manage this connectivity. A third key piece of the Reuters deployment is security technology IMLogic introduced in version 5 of IM Manager. This technology is related to managing presence and information access between different IM networks, according to deSouza, in Lincoln, Mass.

IMLogic will begin to deliver the other technologies to enterprise customers starting with its 5.1 release slated for later this year, deSouza said.

Customers will not need to license IMLogic to take advantage of the interconnectivity, but they will require it for compliance-level messaging logging and archiving.´


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