Reversing Its Ban, Publix to Allow Some Web Coupons

A scam had forced the grocer to ban Internet coupons, but new procedures allow a partial return.

After having suspended all Internet coupons due to fraud concerns, grocery chain Publix is now allowing consumers to use computer-generated "cents off" coupons, but won’t allow "free product" coupons.

The free product coupons will continue to be banned due to a nationwide scam that first came to light in 2003. Shoppers were using coupons with revised expiration dates that retailers had a difficult time spotting.

"People were abusing [the coupons], selling them on eBay, duplicating them," said Brenda Reid, spokeswoman for Publix. "Weve investigated it and seen where the problems were, so were now prepared to make some coupons available again."

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