Revolution, IBM Netezza Partner on Analytics Appliance

IBM's Netezza unit and Revolution Analytics team up to deliver a new appliance that takes advantage of the R statistical language from Revolution.

Revolution Analytics, the provider of R software, services and support, and IBM Netezza announced a partnership to integrate Revolution R Enterprise and the IBM Netezza TwinFin Data Warehouse Appliance.

At the Predictive Analytics World conference in San Francisco on March 14, Revolution Analytics and IBM said their partnership enables customers seeking to run predictive analytics from within a data warehouse platform will be able to leverage the power of the open source R statistics language. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will work together to create a version of Revolution's software that takes advantage of IBM Netezza's i-Class technology so that Revolution R Enterprise can run in-database in an optimal fashion.

Used by more than two million analysts in academia and at companies such as Google, Bank of America and Acxiom, R has emerged as the standard of innovation in statistical analysis. Revolution R Enterprise brings high performance, productivity and enterprise readiness to R for industries such as finance, life sciences, retail, manufacturing and media.

R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The R language has become a de facto standard among statisticians for developing statistical software, and is widely used for statistical software development and data analysis. R is an implementation of the S programming language combined with lexical scoping semantics inspired by Scheme.

"IBM Netezza prides itself on delivering cutting-edge, production-ready technology for our customers to exploit in driving significant business value for their enterprise," said Michele Chambers, general manager and vice president of Analytic Solutions at IBM Netezza, in a statement. "R has rapidly emerged as a leading tool in the field of advanced analytics, and this partnership enables us to deliver this important capability in a commercial, enterprise-ready form."

This partnership integrates Revolution R Enterprise with IBM Netezza's high performance data warehouse and advanced analytics platform to help organizations combat the challenges that arise as complexity and the scale of data grow. By moving the analytics processing next to the data, this integration will minimize data movement - a significant bottleneck, especially when dealing with "Big Data," IBM said. It will deliver high performance on large-scale data, while leveraging the latest innovations in analytics.

With Revolution R Enterprise for IBM Netezza, advanced R computations are available for rapid analysis of hundreds of terabyte-class data volumes - and can deliver performance improvements of 10 to 100 times, at a fraction of the cost as compared to traditional analytics vendors.

"IBM Netezza is among the first data warehouse companies to recognize and quickly act upon the growing importance of R," said Jeff Erhardt, chief operating officer at Revolution Analytics, in a statement. "The world's first R-enabled, in-database data warehouse platform eliminates the need to move data to a separate R server, and massively parallel processing enables high-speed computation of advanced analytics on the largest data sets. Together, our companies are working to create the most powerful predictive analytics solution on the market, and we're excited to deliver this integration this year."

The companies will also collaborate on marketing and sales activities. General availability of this integrated solution is slated for later in 2011, the companies said.