RFP: Web Conferencing - Page 2


* Does the product support role-based administration?

* If so, which management functions can be delegated?

• User administration

• Content management

• Registration approval

• Landing and portal page management

• Other (please list)

* Can administrators create policy templates for users?

* Can administrators create policy templates for Web conference types?

* Does the product support both end-user and administrative reporting?

* Does the product support custom event fields for cost center roll-up and reporting?

* What methods are available to users for creating reports and accessing raw data using third-party tools?

In some instances, companies will want to present report data that would ordinarily be included in administrative reports, such as the number of minutes of Web conferencing spent by a user. When evaluating reporting capabilities, examine how easily administrative data can be blended with user data for management reports.

* Does the application have required or optional components that need to be installed on the end users system?

• If so, list components and administrative privileges required for each component.

• If so, detail which components can be installed and updated remotely using system management software.


* Which registration and meeting attendance security tools does the product support?

* Does the product support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for registration and Web conference content?

* Which of the following user name and password features does the product support?

• User name must be user e-mail address

• User name can be limited by domain name

• User cannot change user name

• Administrators can define password complexity policies

• Directory synchronization

* Can administrators limit access to an application by domain or IP address range?

Think about approval methods and domain blocking for functions such as seminar registration to keep competitors from attending events. Also bear in mind that features such as attendee password requirements can sometimes create support problems at the start of an event.


* What are the terms and availability of basic support?

* What premium support services are available and how much do they cost?

* What online help and training tools are available?

Cost-Benefit Analysis

* What does the product cost, including base costs and costs for additional features and components?

* What are the various pricing options available (for example, per room, per attendee, for unlimited meetings and so on)?

* What is the impact on pricing when more users are added during the subscription term?

* What cost advantages will be realized by choosing this solution?


* Please provide reference customers that have completed a similar deployment, with similar numbers of users and applications in the same industry.


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