Running on Windows 8

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Running on Windows 8

The presentation included touch-screen notebooks and tablets, desktop PCs and an enormous 82-inch wall-mounted touch-screen display made with Corning Gorilla Glass.

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Start Screen

Larson-Green logs into Windows 8 on a Samsung tablet to show the new way applications are laid out as icons on the start screen.

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Xbox Live App

The Xbox Live application is one of many that will come preinstalled with the operating system, which allows users to connect with friends.

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Social Networking

The People application makes it easier for friends to send links and documents to each other, while resizing or moving the screen around for instant messaging.

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Windows 8 on a Notebook

Using a Lenovo U300S Ultrabook, Antoine Leblond shows the audience how the "start" screen looks.

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Finance App

A demonstration of the finance app, where Leblond shows that navigation is as easy to do with the mouse as it is with your fingers.

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Word and PowerPoint Apps

Here, Leblond demonstrates how the Word app can be docked to one side, while the PowerPoint app can be docked to the other for side-by-side viewing.

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File Transfers

A new way of displaying file transfers gives users more information on the process, while the messaging application (on the right) and a list of open apps (on the left) appear.

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App Store

The landing page for the Windows App store features a "spotlight" section on the left where users can find top apps, new apps and recommended apps.

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Windows 8 on the Big Screen

Vice president of Windows planning and ecosystem Michael Angiulo, along with Steven Sinofsky, show off the operating system on an 82-inch touch-screen display with a PC powered by a dual-core AMD processor.

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