S1 Planning Enterprise Platform

Internet banking software pioneer S1 Corp. will release in late November a Java2 Enterprise Edition-based application server platform that improves interoperability of its applications.

The platform, to be known as the S1 Enterprise Platform 1.0, will be the foundation for S1s transactional, collaborative, sales and service applications for the financial services industry, officials said.

Available Nov. 30, the platform will provide the presentation layer for the S1 applications—many of which the company added through acquisitions—as well as data access services for transactional data, enhanced customer data and analytic data.

Through SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and XML (Extensible Markup Language) interface protocols, S1 Enterprise Platform 1.0 will also be able to integrate non-S1 applications, company officials said.

S1 will also introduce two new applications with Enterprise Platform 1.0: Personal Banking 1.0 and Small Business 1.0, consumer and small-business banking applications, respectively. Both will also be the first S1 applications architected in J2EE.

Company officials said that S1 will migrate all existing customers to Enterprise Platform. Most of the migration issues will be felt by S1s larger customers who have highly customized applications, they added.