Salesforce Adds New Integration Features to Datorama

Today’s topics include Salesforce boosting Datorama analytics, and Cisco finding that data privacy improves business outcomes.

On Jan. 23, Salesforce announced a major update to Datorama, the AI-powered analytics platform it acquired last July that is now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The update includes more connectors to a variety of data sources to give enterprises a more comprehensive view and insights as to how their marketing efforts are faring.

Datorama includes a broad library of marketing APIs and AI-powered connectors that can capture, interpret and classify marketing data from hundreds of marketing technology solutions, giving marketers a unified view they can use to measure, analyze and report on campaign performances.

Also new is a Datorama Developer Portal that lets IT professionals and developers build custom integrations and solutions for unique marketing needs such as new connectors and creative visualization widgets.

Cisco on Jan. 24 released its Cisco 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study, which studied more than 3,200 security and privacy professionals around the world. Among the high-level observations in the study is that 97 percent of businesses reported they receive auxiliary benefits from their privacy investments, including competitive business advantage.

Michelle Dennedy, chief privacy officer at Cisco, told eWEEK, "Not only is privacy good for business, but good privacy is great for business.”

She added that organizations that are investing in the people process and technology around data privacy management and awareness are seeing improved business outcomes. Organizations' improved focus on data privacy has reduced the average sales delay due to data privacy concerns down from 7.8 weeks in last year's report to 3.9 weeks in 2019.