Salesforce Announces Customer 360 Service, Apple Partnership

Today’s topics include Salesforce Customer 360 bringing users contextually relevant customer information, and Symantec integrating more capabilities into its data loss prevention platform.

At its Dreamforce annual conference in San Francisco starting this week, announced Salesforce Customer 360, which is an ambitious attempt to give users a unified cross-channel customer experience in an easy-to-use, click-based administrator interface.

According to Ron Pereira, senior director of product marketing at Salesforce, “Whatever system you use in Salesforce you will get an up-to-date understanding of the customer across those systems. … Our vision is to give a unified experience with a single place where admins can securely and in a trusted fashion connect to Salesforce and control the data and events across systems and get a complete view of the customer.”

As part of the new service, Customer 360 ID will give companies a complete, up-to-date, contextually relevant profile of every customer. There will also be prebuilt Customer 360 packages for Service, Marketing and Commerce that will give companies the ability to quickly create cross-channel customer experiences.

Symantec announced a new release of its data loss prevention platform on Sept. 25, providing new security features to help protect users against sensitive data loss. The DLP 15.1 update protects data and documents in Microsoft's Office 365 and Google's G-Suite of cloud-based office applications, as well as on-premises based deployments.

The platform now integrates with Symantec's Information Centric Encryption for digital rights management as well as the company’s Information Centric Analytics for User and Entity Behavior Analytics, providing additional capabilities to protect against sensitive data loss.

"Symantec Information Centric Encryption can be automatically enabled by DLP when sensitive information is shared outside the managed environments. … Moreover, Symantec ICE provides visibility on shared data distribution and access revoking capabilities," said Mario Espinoza, vice president of product management at Symantec.