SAP Announces Marketing Suite for CRM On-Demand

The company says it's proof it can live up to its "functionality every quarter" promise.

As a lead-in to its upcoming Sapphire user conference in Orlando, Fla., SAP AG announced May 10 that it will launch the second wave of its namesake customer relationship management on-demand software at the user event.

The SAP Marketing on-demand software includes three separate modules: campaign management and customer segmentation; lead management; and role maintenance and owner realignment.

The campaign management and customer segmentation module lets users analyze customer data by using queries and creating target groups based on search results (SAP offers a search capability with its on-demand CRM software).

Lead management helps users track their lead information in a single overview page, with the idea that one page makes it easier to, for example, update account data or create tasks for follow-up.

The role maintenance and owner realignment capability provides a customization capability that lets users "realign" owners for accounts, contacts and opportunities as theirs and customers businesses change.

SAP first announced its on-demand CRM offering in February.

Though CRM traditionally is referred to as sort of a tripod of technology—sales, marketing and support—SAP first came out with an on-demand sales module.

Marketing will follow, with its official unveiling, in mid-May.

Support will follow within the next 90 days, according to company spokesperson Bill Wohl.

"Were meeting our commitment for quarterly releases in the on-demand space," said Wohl, who is based in Newtown Square, Pa.

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"We said we were going to do it back in February, and analysts [questioned] whether SAP could meet functionality every quarter. And thats what were doing."

SAP also announced May 10 expanded functionality with its initial sales on-demand software that includes new capabilities for pipeline performance management that help users better capture and track business opportunities.

Users are now able to assess performance by analyzing their current sales pipeline against forecasts and targets, and display information about recent activities, contacts and competitors.

There are also account and opportunity management upgrades to the sales module.

The actual SAP Marketing on-demand software will be available during SAPs user conference that runs May 16-18.

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