Sapho Software: Product Overview and Analysis

Sapho Employee Experience Portal delivers a continuous user experience across enterprise applications, personalizes tasks and surfaces information when users need it most, and simplifies workflows that can be completed from any device, intranet or messenger.


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Company Name:  Sapho (user experience portal)

Company Description: Founded in 2014, Sapho is helping companies understand that when employees are forced to use complex, hard-to-use applications, they become frustrated and less productive. Sapho Employee Experience Portal delivers a continuous user experience across enterprise applications, personalizes tasks and surfaces information when users need it most, and simplifies workflows that can be completed from any device, intranet or messenger.

Sapho is privately held and is led by Fouad ElNaggar, CEO and co-founder, and Peter Yared, CTO and co-founder. Its headquarters are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Market: U.S.

International Operations: Sapho has its core R&D team located in Prague.

Products and Services:  

Sapho Employee Experience Portal delivers the experience employees want and changes how people work. Employees don’t want to use multiple enterprise applications to perform simple tasks, such as requesting PTO, approving a purchase order, or viewing a dashboard. Instead, they want a continuous user experience that they can use on any device.

  • The all-employees portal powers effective work in every area of business
  • The managers and executives portal refocuses leadership time where it matters most
  • The hourly employees portal is a one-stop workforce management solution for the hourly workforce

With Sapho, information and workflows from existing systems are consolidated into a single, unified workfeed that can be delivered to any mobile device, intranet, or modern messenger. Sapho’s workfeed also provides employees with an aggregated view of high-priority tasks and key insights. With micro apps, employees can complete common tasks in a single place, making the solution easy to use and self serviced. The result is a consistent, modern experience that allows all employees, including hourly workers, access to all of their information and workflows as they move seamlessly between endpoints.

Key Features:

  • Modern experience: Sapho claims its Employee Experience Portal “unleashes the power of human potential” with a continuous user experience across enterprise applications. These modern features include unified workfeeds, micro apps, personalized information and notifications, simplified workflows and omnichannel access.
  • Modern integration: Sapho Employee Experience Portal uses patent-pending ETN (Extract, Transform, Notify) technology that only integrates active data from your existing systems. This approach makes smart application and data integration easy.
  • Modern workflows: Sapho Employee Experience Portal breaks down complicated enterprise systems (think SAP ERP or Workday) into simple “micro” workflows. This results in a workflow management solution that delivers a customizable to-do list and which ultimately, boosts employee productivity.
  • Modern tooling: Sapho Employee Experience Portal allows companies to build cross-platform micro apps for existing applications. With modern tooling, you are able to create event-driven micro apps, detect relevant events, drag and drop relevant information and customize themes.
  • Modern deployment: Sapho Employee Experience Portal installs into existing workplace environments with flexible deployment methods. It allows you to run on-premises or in your virtual private cloud. This approach gives teams the flexibility to make the deployment decision that best fits your IT requirements and capacity.
  • Modern security: Sapho Employee Experience Portal inherits your existing security and compliance practices. Its consolidated identity system chains authentication across multiple systems and consolidates rules, such as groups or data filters, ensuring that employees only see the data they have permission to access.

Insight and Analysis:

Gartner Peer Insights has two reviews for Sapho.  Here’s the lead review as of Aug. 1, 2018:

Overall Comment: “Sapho’s platform is pretty simple. It connects to on-premises enterprise systems and wraps those systems with an interface layer that is mobile-ready, flexible, extensible and pretty much the antithesis of what enterprise systems are meant to be like. Sapho connectors are using to extract the business data from source systems and local into database. Designer is deployed on-premises. They have Simulator & browser based testing . Distribute – via Public app store. ESSO and MAM supported. major benefit Built in connectors for various services.”

If you could start over, what would your organization do differently? “Sapho is good micro app RMAD tool. It has all features what organization is looking for.”

What one piece of advice would you give other prospective customers? “Sapho vendor is very flexible and ready to build connectotrs and customize the solution based on organization needs.”

What one thing do you wish the vendor did differently? “They can add additional features like screen scraping.”

What do you like most about the product or service? “Built in connectors for various services.”

Would you recommend this product or service to others? “Yes.”


Owler, an industry analysis website, offers a competitive analysis between Sapho and its competitors here.


Representative list of current customers: CBS Interactive, Boral, Super Deluxe, Dillards, IBM, Microsoft.

Delivery:  Sapho is purpose built to fit into existing infrastructure and to isolate and secure data. The deployment options, which allow companies to run Sapho on-premises or in virtual private clouds, give teams the flexibility to make the deployment decision that best fits IT requirements and capacity.

Pricing: Sapho charges in a per user per month model for its Employee Experience Portal; $6 per user per month for minimum of 2,000 users (volume discounts apply).

Other players in this market:  TinyPulse, OfficeVibe, TapMyBack, Liferay, Adobe Experience, Microsoft Sharepoint

Contact information for potential customers: Headquarters in California: +1 650-59-SAPHO (+1 650-59-72746);



Gartner Peer Insights


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