Search Comparison Sites Pit Google Against Microsoft Bing, Others

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Search Comparison Sites Pit Google Against Microsoft Bing, Others

by Clint Boulton

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Bing vs. Google

Created by Domagoj Pavlesic, Bing vs. Google features a simple, Google-like search box.

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Searching for Sushi on Bing and Google

A keyword search yields a split screen. The default is side-by-side comparisons of Bing and Google. Users can also click the button at the top to see vertical comparisons, or results from just Bing or just Google.

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Try Something a Little Different

Let's spice it up a little and search for "How to build a house." Bing is a little bland here. Google has a YouTube video on how to build a house in a day.

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BlindSearch from Microsoft Developer Evangelist Michael Kordahi recalls the classic Coke vs. Pepsi Challenge. Type in a search query above, hit search, then vote for the column that you believe best matches your query. Results are randomized for every query. No rigging here!

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Searching Blindly for Rocky Horror Picture Show

A search for "Rocky Horror Picture Show" yields these results. Which is the best? We chose the middle, which was highlighted in blue.

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The Rocky Horror Reveal

Yahoo, not Bing or Google, was our choice. Who knew?

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This Time, Were Gunning for Google

In the last search, we picked the search results that appealed to us most from a quick perusal. For this next search, "New York Yankees," we're guessing the right-most column is Google. Clicking on that column reveals ...

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The Real Google Results

... That we were wrong. BlindSearch says Google results for "New York Yankees" are on the left. This will take practice.