Securing Web Services - 2

Security software vendors Netegrity and Westbridge Technology to unveil new tools for securing Web services.

Security software vendors are answering the call with new products to address the emerging need to secure Web services.

Netegrity Inc. on Tuesday announced the release of Netegrity TransactionMinder, the Waltham, Mass., companys new policy-based Web services security product. Deepak Taneja, chief technology officer at Netegrity, said TransactionMinder features authentication, authorization and auditing capabilities and enables access to Web services based on the content of XML documents and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages.

Netegritys product supports the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and XML Digital Signatures standards for authentication, Taneja said.

Meanwhile, Westbridge Technology Inc., of Mountain View, Calif., next week will announce that it will give users a free tool to monitor Web services traffic on enterprise networks.

The Westbridge XML SOAP Monitor can be used in a stand-alone situation in conjunction with Westbridges XML Message Server "to produce not only detection of unauthorized traffic, but also enforcement of security policies," said Andy Yang, senior director of product management at Westbridge.

Yang said a tool like the Westbridge XML SOAP Monitor is useful to enterprises because, like early projects using HTML, several developers within a business who are creating Web services pilots may be exposing sensitive corporate information. The Westbridge monitoring tool would identify unauthorized traffic.

The Westbridge XML SOAP Monitor is available for Windows, Unix platforms—including Solaris—and Linux.

Westbridge officials said the company will provide its XML SOAP Monitor for free to "qualified organizations." Information on the monitor can be found at:

Also this week, security company Kavado Inc., of New York, announced Interdo, an application layer security module for securing Web services.

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