Serviceaide: Product Overview and Insight

Serviceaide provides IT service management with artificial intelligence and virtual agents.


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Today: Serviceaide (IT service management software)

Company Description: Serviceaide provides IT service management with artificial intelligence and virtual agents. Because ITSM is in need of an upgrade, Serviceaide helps a growing portfolio of global clients solve chronic problems and improve service experience and efficiency. Serviceaide’s cost-effective and easy-to-administer ITSM platform is complemented by Luma, an advanced new virtual agent that was purpose-built for IT Service Management. The cloud-hosted infrastructure is secure and scales to current and future needs. Serviceaide is continuously updating security measures and localizing in multiple languages for use around the world.

Based in San Jose, Calif., Serviceaide was founded in 2016 as a privately held company through the acquisition of CA Technologies’ IT Service Management Software Cloud Service. The company is led by IT industry veteran Wai Wong, whose vision is to re-invent service management with the power of artificial intelligence. Wong has been a serial entrepreneur in high tech for 36 years and held executive leadership roles at BEA and CA Technologies after receiving a B.A. and M.A. from Columbia University.

Markets: Healthcare, Retail, Banking and Financial Services, Government, Education, Transportation and Logistics   

Business locations: U.S.: 2635 North First Street San Jose, Calif. 95134; +1 650 206 8988; LATAM: Av. Jorge Basadre 607, Piso 4, San Isidro, Lima, Peru +1 511 713 3683

Products and Services

Luma: Luma is a Virtual Agent with artificial intelligence that guides users to actionable requests and improved self-service. It relieves analysts from the burden of triaging requests and chasing down users for more information. Luma comes with more than 150 out-of-the-box skills to support the most common IT service requests. Luma also comes with ticket management skills for analysts and managers to help monitor unassigned tickets, view backlog and tools for followup with users. Luma comes with a Skills Builder tool that enables service administrators to build custom skills easily. Luma integrates seamlessly with Serviceaide’s Intelligent Service Management suite and a growing list of third-party service-management products.

Intelligent Service Management: This is a robust, full-featured service management suite that’s simple and affordable. Powerful ready-to-use features with low IT burden and the functionality, flexibility, and agility to evolve your services without specialized developers or teams of administrators. With the help of codeless configuration and drag-and-drop service automation, customization is easy, and administration is minimal. With Intelligent Service Management you can accurately and responsively support your customers and ensure that your IT resources meet the business needs of your organization and your end users.

Insight and Analysis’s IT management software section has 22 reviews of Serviceaide here. Highlights:


  • Ease of use, vast features, robust workflow engine, product integration APIs, low cost.
  • It is a full-featured ITSM product that provided us the features I needed at the right price.
  • New pricing option: Last features with Lasmine release as SD edition, knowledge base improvement.
  • The customization of the product is very vast. You can set it up any way your organization would need.


  • Limited CMDB capability
  • If a person/associate opens the ticket, one who opens the ticket first has the ticket locked under his name.
  • Due to the customization there are a lot of options so some times you get lost in menus due to so many options.
  • Tool is capable but organizational commitment and specific features especially reporting are very hard to customize.

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Gartner Peer Reviews has three verified reviews of Serviceaide. Highlights:

Pro: The availability of a SAAS platform; taking that day-to-day infrastructure maintenance and leaving it with the vendor.

Con: The reporting module and lack of support for it.

(To read the full review, go here.)


Current Customers: Stefanini, Nampa, Trizetto, Digital China, Maxchain, Panasonic, PWC, Insight Direct, Fujitsu, Kalende, Grey Matter, IPC

Delivery: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Pricing: Serviceaide sells Intelligent Service Management as an annual subscription with pricing per named user or concurrent users.

Other key players in this market: BMC, Cherwell, Ivanti, EasyVista, FreshWorks

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