SetUp: December 4, 2000

Netscape 6 is put through (Web) mill

Technical director jim rapoza gave Netscape 6 a mixed review (, burying the browser for corporate use because of its lack of LDAP support and praising its flexibility and compliance with standards.

But the value of standards compliance can be tough to gauge when the features of the product on top have become de facto standards. Wrote one reader: "How can the fact that Netscape cant properly view some sites, because the sites arent compliant, win over users?"

Readers also related problems with Netscape 6s incomplete JavaScript support. "We have several navigation tools that are rather large JavaScripts," said a reader. "Communicator 4.7 works great on these. ... IE 5.5 cannot load them without choking, though it can eventually be nudged into acceptance. But Netscape 6.0 is even worse."

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