Social Inbox

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Social Inbox

Similar to an email inbox, Engages Social Inbox consolidates direct social communications in one place. Companies can immediately see social conversations they need to address, such as Twitter @-mentions or replies and direct messages, and Facebook page wall posts and comments. With Social Inbox, users can immediately respond to these communications, share them with others, or assign them to others for follow-up. Engage puts all direct conversations in one place for immediate prioritization and enables users to sort communication by date, author, rank or impressions.

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360-Degree Social Profiles

Engages Social Profiles provide a 360-degree view of each individual on a companys radar, including personal brand sentiment scores and details, engagement and communications history, external social profile, profile analysis and recent posts, and a custom social rating provided by Engages Jitterater technology. Social Profiles also gives companies insight into alternate social identities, linkage to the people they interact with the most, and custom tagging and segmentation.

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Direct Engagement

With Engage, a company can quickly connect with a customer, including sending an @ reply to a tweet, a direct message to a Twitter follower, or a response to a Facebook page comment. Engages social action functions are enabled throughout the platform. Buzz Campaign search results, Engage Social Inbox communications and Social Profiles are different ways businesses can connect with new and existing contacts.

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Social Calendar

Engages Social Calendar enables companies to instantly view all the messages they have sent and those scheduled for future delivery, including social updates and direct engagement. Users can view by month, week and day and click to see detailed metrics for each message sent. They also can create a new social update to post to Twitter and Facebook and tailor it for each channel, attach a link and send it immediately or schedule it for later. Businesses can map its content calendar to its social calendar and view metrics for each message, including impressions, clicks, comments and activity by channel and by day.

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Social Updates

Engages Social Updates complements the Social Calendar to allow companies to create Facebook page wall posts and Twitter status updates at the same time and tailor them for each channel. Users can schedule updates to go out immediately or for a later date and time, and can include and shorten a link to specific content to enable engagement tracking. They also can add links to Facebook wall updates in native Facebook link attachment form.

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Focused Analysis

Engage lets companies view search results or the Social Inbox as a heat map to drill down by country, state or region, and city, and view only conversations from that specific geography. Companies also can filter campaign results or Social Inbox by sentiment, channel and language. In addition, users can narrow the time frame to only view recent results, and can use the Keyword Analyzer to narrow results by the most common topics of conversation.

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Measuring Success

Engages analytics enable companies to measure the success of their social marketing efforts to see what content is working best and which individuals are most engaged with the brand. Companies can discover top retweeters, track brand impressions, download and share insight gathered, and report the results to others.

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