Socialcast Is Twitter for the Enterprise

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Socialcast Is Twitter for the Enterprise

Socialcast Is Twitter for the Enterprise

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Activity Stream

The Socialcast Activity Stream provides a Twitter-like status feed for workers (similar to the news feed in Facebook).

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Microblogging Capabilities

While Twitter can often seem like a waste of time for most businesses, the idea behind the microblogging capabilities in Socialcast is to allow employees to collaborate and reach out to co-workers while cutting down on large e-mail threads.

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Customized Categories

Socialcast updates can be sorted based on things like questions and ideas. Updates can be sorted into customized categories and can have files attached to them.

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Updates on Colleagues

Simple social networking features in Socialcast let employees view details about co-workers and choose whether to follow the updates and messages from those colleagues.

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If a post in Socialcast ends in a question mark, it is automatically categorized as a question in the system, making it possible to sort and track all outstanding questions.

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Basic Analytics

Very basic analytics make it possible for administrators to have a simple understanding of how employees are using the Socialcast system.

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