Software Fills the Product Pipeline

FreeMarkets and Log-Net try to make connecting suppliers with producers easier.

FreeMarkets Inc. and Log-Net Inc. have upgraded their respective supply chain offerings to help speed the movement of goods from suppliers to manufacturers.

Pittsburgh-based FreeMarkets this week released Supplier Implementation 2.0, which features new tools for creating BOMs (bills of materials), as well as advanced analysis and reporting capabilities. The upgrade of the global supply management software enables companies to more effectively create, manage and track complex supplier implementation projects, officials said.

The new tools for creating interactive BOMs also provide the ability to manage projects around that bill. At the same time, the project data analysis module includes simplified task management and process creation capabilities that include Gantt charting and calendar controls. Upgraded reporting features help users manage projects against costs, the officials said.

FreeMarkets also announced new services to help with supplier implementation, including project- and commodity-specific implementation strategies and content management expertise whereby FreeMarkets technical staff can load and organize part-specific data to create hierarchies and relationships to manage the implementation information.

Separately this week, Log-Net released Version 5.0 of its namesake collaborative logistics software that is enhanced for global operations. It is designed to address the round-the-clock needs of a company dealing with partners around the world and with the U.S. Customs agencys 24-hour ruling requirements.

To address Customs needs, 5.0 includes security enhancements that allow for dynamic documentation that integrates document creation, management of shipments and customs classifications information.

On the trading partner front, 5.0 includes a Dynamic Allocation feature that helps users view summaries of inventory in storage and transit, regardless of time or location.

Log-Net, of Little Silver, N.J., also increased the capabilities in its softwares order management, transportation management, customs and compliance functionalities to support greater integration with a global supply chain.

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