Solus Operating System 1.0 Provides New Linux Desktop Experience

1 - Solus Operating System 1.0 Provides New Linux Desktop Experience
2 - No Installation Required
3 - Desktop Access via Budgie
4 - Raven Provides Notifications
5 - Plentiful Customization Options
6 - Budgie Accommodates Multiple Distributions
7 - Built on eopkg
8 - Firefox Included
9 - Privacy Controls Included
10 - But Wait, There's More
11 - Powered by Linux 4.3
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Solus Operating System 1.0 Provides New Linux Desktop Experience

Among the many features of the Solus Project's new Linux distribution is the new Budgie desktop environment. Here's what else Solus Operating System 1.0 offers.

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No Installation Required

As is the case with other modern Linux distributions, Solus can be installed as a "Live Linux" image from a USB key, without the need to install on a hard disk. Users can choose to install to a hard drive as well.

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Desktop Access via Budgie

The Budgie desktop is a new user interface for Linux that provides users with an accessible desktop approach.

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Raven Provides Notifications

Raven is an applet, notification and customization center for the Budgie desktop.

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Plentiful Customization Options

One of the primary usability features of Budgie is its robust settings options, which enable users to customize multiple facets of the desktop environment's look and operations.

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Budgie Accommodates Multiple Distributions

Budgie itself is a fully open-source project with full source code available on GitHub, with packages for multiple Linux distributions.

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Built on eopkg

As Solus is not based on any other upstream Linux distribution, it doesn't use the common deb or rpm package managers, but rather uses the eopkg system.

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Firefox Included

As is common for many modern Linux desktop operating systems, Mozilla's Firefox is the default Web browser.

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Privacy Controls Included

Solus includes a number of privacy controls to help protect users and improve security.

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But Wait, There's More

While Solus contains a default slate of applications, users can easily extend that base via the integration software center.

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Powered by Linux 4.3

At the heart of the Solus Operating System 1.0 release is a new Linux 4.3 kernel.