Sort of Nationwide

What does the term "nationwide" mean to you?

What does the term "nationwide" mean to you? Access from anywhere in any state? A continuous presence in every state? Whoa! Thats not the case. The term is used rather loosely by wireless carriers these days. Weve reproduced a few of their coverage maps here, and there appears to be a lot of dead airspace in the coverage plans. "Nationwide" looks like Swiss cheese. Granted, our maps wont show some of the areas that are covered because theyre just too small to be reproduced, and in all fairness, the carriers will tell you that theyve concentrated their resources in the areas with the greatest population densities. That makes sense from a business perspective to us, but its still somewhat misleading. While were all waiting for true, nationwide, blanket satellite coverage, you have to make the best call for your mobile customers.