Spam Stopper Detects Sender Patterns

Commtouch's anti-spam software update halts spam by tracking e-mail server sending patterns.

Enterprises using IBMs Lotus Notes and Domino for their corporate e-mail systems will be able to take advantage of Commtouch Software Ltd.s sending pattern technologies for stopping spam.

Version 4.0 of the Commtouch Enterprise Gateway anti-spam software, due next week, adds support for Lotus Notes and will be able to work with virtually any SMTP-based e-mail system. The product previously supported only Microsoft Corp. Exchange environments.

Commtouch Enterprise Gateway is a server that sits at a network gateway and detects spam using a patent-pending technology called Recurrent Pattern Detection. This technology identifies spam based on e-mail server sending patterns rather than content filtering.

Version 4.0, which officials at the Netanya, Israel, company said makes the software more suitable for larger enterprises, supports quarantining of suspect messages away from the e-mail server and gives users more control over quarantined messages.

IT departments get better management capabilities as well in Commtouch Enterprise Gateway 4.0, which separates administrative functions from configuration functions. The upgrade gives administrators enhanced management of e-mail accounts by user and user groups and improved rules configuration and multilevel access management.

Cohesive Teamware Inc. is using Commtouch Enterprise Gateway in combination with the Exchange e-mail service the company provides to customers. Cohesive Teamware CEO Bill Griep said Version 4.0 is particularly useful to the companys business model as it allows different clients to be assigned to specific LDAP groups from the same Exchange server. Griep also said the upgrade allows him to roll out Commtouch Enterprise Gateways anti-spam capabilities to end users on Macintosh desktops.

"With the new HTML Web interface, theyve opened it up to more than just Outlook clients," said Griep, in Apex, N.C.


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