Squelch CX Optimizer: Product Overview and Insight

Squelch is a new-gen customer experience bot developer for online businesses that serves customers after the sale — from handling onboarding on day one through trouble tickets on day 1,001.


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Today: Squelch (customer experience optimization solution provider)

Company description: Squelch is the customer experience optimization solution on a mission to empower customer support and success professionals with the knowledge and resources they need to delight customers. Squelch believes support and success agents are heroes — for their customers, their teams, and their company. Its eponymous product is these heroes’ trusted sidekick, helping agents cut through the noise in daily interactions to deliver an ever-better customer experience. Happy customers are profitable, repeat customers — and happy agents get you there.

Squelch was co-founded and is led by proven business and technology leaders, including Jayaram Bhat, CEO; Giorgina Gottlieb, CMO; and Ilan Raab, VP of Engineering. In May 2018, the company announced $8M in Series A funding, backed by Shasta Ventures and Correlation Ventures. Later that month, Squelch debuted its solution to members of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) at the organization’s annual conference, resulting in broad support and a “Best In Show” award, the first time in TSIA event history that a newcomer received this honor.

Markets: Customer experience, customer success, customer support, customer service

International Operations:  none at this time

Product and Services

Squelch focuses on optimizing customer experience through the teams that serve customers after the sale — from handling onboarding on day one through trouble tickets on day 1,001. These professionals are on the front lines where speed, expertise, and empathy go a long way toward winning customer renewals, upsells, and most of all, trust and loyalty.

The first step in empowering these customer heroes is delivering actionable intelligence when and where they need it. We know that the information agents rely on to resolve customer issues already exists within their organization; it’s just a matter of getting to it. As our name suggests, Squelch turns down the “noise” — helping support and success professionals surface the insights they need, while filtering out the extraneous data they don’t.

By serving up the right information at the right time, we help create a foundation of confidence and generate ever-better levels of agent performance, directly benefiting the customer’s journey from the first touch points through ongoing contact.

And this is only the beginning. As the sidekick for support and success heroes, it’s the company’s  mission to continue adding features that will enable users to deliver the best possible customer experience today, tomorrow  and beyond.

Key Features 

  • Cloud-based software solution
  • Works seamlessly with most SaaS applications
  • Continually monitors and indexes all relevant data sources
  • Powered by AI technologies, including ML and NLP
  • Designed specifically for customer support and success
  • Streamlines workflow, including allowing agents to operate more efficiently within their existing dashboards
  • Low-friction install and out-of-the-box functionality deliver ROI within minutes
  • Permissions and access controls are passed through natively with no additional handling required while also preventing employees from seeing anything they shouldn’t
  • Built-in learning algorithms continuously adapt and provide ever-greater value over time
  • People-centric approach harnesses technology to enrich human interactions rather than eliminate people from the equation

Insight and Analysis

[Editor's note: Product analysis is to come. IT Central Station, Gartner Reviews and G2 Crowd have no product reviews posted on Feb. 15, 2019.]

List of current customers: Lithium; because Squelch provides a competitive advantage, other customers request confidentiality. However, references may be made available upon request.

Delivery: SaaS platform

Pricing: [email protected]

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