Starting from Home

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Starting from Home

Office 365's home page gives users access to Lync, Outlook and SharePoint, and provides a download link for Office Professional Plus.

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Policy-Based Management

Setting up ActiveSync policies for mobile devices that connect to Exchange Online is as easy as it is on an in-house server.

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SharePoint Online Collaboration

Collaboration is made easier with SharePoint Online, which offers users the ability to quickly set up team sites with document libraries and announcement lists.

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Administration Console

The Office 365 administration console provides a central management point for Exchange Online, Lync Online and SharePoint Online, as well as the Office applications.

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Working Side-by-Side

Its possible to have two people working on a document in Office Live simultaneously; each is notified of the others edits.

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Domain Federation for IM and Presence

Lync Online allows domain federation, with the option to blacklist or whitelist domains, thereby enabling the sharing of instant messaging functions and presence information.

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Share Whiteboards and Desktops

Lync Online allows presenters in online meetings to share whiteboards and desktops and to pass control of the meeting from one presenter to another.

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Role Assignment

Users can be assigned with varying levels of privilege, including the ability to perform user management and provisioning tasks.

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Browser-Based Office Applications

Office 365 includes access to the Office Web Apps, which are hosted versions of the Office components. These are designed to work with major browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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