Startup Pyze Unveils Hypergrowth for Mobile Apps

Pyze uses advanced intelligence to segment users based on behavioral attributes and engages each user individually to promote usage, retention and monetization.

Pyze, a new-generation intelligence and marketing platform designed for mobile app publishers, has added a new tier of services to its Growth Intelligence product.

The new Pyze Hypergrowth tier is available for apps with up to 1 million monthly active users. The service package utilizes advanced intelligence to segment users based on a multitude of behavioral attributes and engages each user individually to promote usage, retention and monetization.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based company also announced full support for Unity, the most popular multiplatform game development platform with millions of registered developers across iOS and Android, available out of the box across all tiers.

Key features of Hypergrowth include:

--App-Defined Dimensions: Enables app publishers to include app-defined categorizations of users in segmentless data explorations via the Intelligence Explorer and initiate personalized actions based on their level of usage or loyalty. For example, a ticketing app publisher could compare engagement and loyalty of seasonal ticket holders versus single-game buyers.

--Personalization Intelligence: Allows app publishers to deliver unique content and experiences to each user based on their behavior, usage, preferences and social graph. Publishers can utilize Pyze Intelligence to create custom experiences for different groups of users. For example, apps now can offer individualized experiences to user groups such as Novice, Expert, Dormant, High Value, Whales or a custom group defined by the app publisher.

--Revenue Intelligence: Empowers users to market to customers based on recent or lifetime revenue and purchases without creating segments and to integrate these high-value metrics in segmentless data explorations via the Intelligence Explorer.

Background on Pyze

The 3-year-old company emerged from stealth last March to introduce Pyze Growth Intelligence, a platform the company contends is the first business intelligence platform that enables mobile app publishers of all sizes to maximize app growth, personalize engagement and make some money.

"Our goal is to bring business intelligence to all mobile app publishers," Prabhjot Singh, president and co-founder, told eWEEK. "We have a team with a tremendous amount of background in big data and SaaS; we ourselves have built apps for millions of users. We know the pain points that happen in this space."

The mobile app market is ballooning to huge proportions; in fact, it is doubling in size each year. It has been predicted to grow to anywhere from $77 billion to $99 billion by 2019 by several market firms. MarketsandMarkets charted it as a $25 billion business in 2015 and said will probably reach $45 billion to $50 billion this year.

The Pyze Hypergrowth is available now starting at $99 per month. For more details on what Pyze Hypergrowth includes and a free 30-day trial, go here.

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