Stellent App Manages Web Site Migration

Stellent is adding Web site lifecycle management capabilities to its Stellent Universal Content Management platform.

Stellent Inc. is adding Web site lifecycle management capabilities to its Stellent Universal Content Management platform, hoping to make it easier for customers to better manage the process of creating and moving multiple Web sites from the development stage to production environments.

Introduced last week, Stellent Site Studio 7.5 features improved indexed content controls and new automated site migration capabilities that are designed to help administrators configure specific aspects of a Web site infrastructure, including layouts and fragments, according to officials of Stellent, in Eden Prairie, Minn.

Stellent Site Studio 7.5 is available and packaged with Stellents Web Content Management offering, which is priced up to $100,000 and sold as an option to Stellent Content Server.

The new release includes a feature that lets administrators capture all components of a site in the Stellent system for backup and archiving with a single click. Version 7.5 also manages Web site project files as content items within Stellent Content Server to keep all Web site data in XML form within a single location.

The upgrade also lets Web developers create rules for sites to ensure that content follows a specific format or syntax when submitted.

Mark Heindselman, manager of knowledge network and information services for Emerson Process Management, a division of St. Louis-based Emerson Electric Co., says he will soon deploy Stellent Site Studio 7.5 and is looking forward to the products navigation upgrades and simplified contributor management controls.

"We support multiple divisions within our group, so were asked to create or help create intranet sites for various divisions and plant sites. ... Our project load is pretty heavy, so the more efficient we can be at that the better," said Heindselman. "Having the ability to create a site and easily replicate that cookie cutter in a way that we can reuse work already done where we dont have to re-create each step is very positive."

Heindselman said the Site Studio release will drastically reduce training and development legwork and help boost productivity levels and get content into users hands more quickly.

The need for better multi-Web site management primarily stems from the emergence of regulatory compliance demands and intranets and extranets built ad hoc that require consolidation, experts said.

Stellent officials said the company is also moving toward developing services for portal environments, as well as a set of unified and common compliance services.


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