Suite Offers More Control of WebSphere

Software maker Nastel Technologies, launched Monday a suite of tools designed to better monitor IBM's WebSphere/MQ middleware components.

Middleware management software maker Nastel Technologies, of Melville, New York, launched today a suite of tools designed to work with IBMs WebSphere/MQ middleware components.

The three new Nastel modules that fall under the AutoPilot umbrella monitor the WebSphere/MQ middleware and messaging environments.

Nastels AutoPilot for WebSphere/MQ is specifically designed for IBMs WebSphere Application Server, MQSeries, MQSI and MQ Everyplace.

WebSphere/MQ is a platform for building and integrating applications over a networked environment, whereas MQSeries is message queuing technology.

AutoPilot for WebSphere/MQ offers a centralized, consolidated dashboard to control, configure, monitor and automate MQSeries and WebSphere/MQ-based middleware infrastructures, according to Nastel officials.

The dashboard includes a self-healing management component that catches problems like bottlenecks and redundancies and alerts administrators before any problems impact operations.

The WebSphere/MQ module also provides a snapshot of a companys e-Business environment through graphical views of various systems, allowing companies to manage the lifecycle of its MQSeries message queuing system.

AutoPilot for WebSphere/MQSI ensures resource availability across the MQSI environment. The tool provides a graphical view of the MQSI domain and its components. It monitors messages and provides alerts to any problems that come up.

AutoPilot of WebSphere/WAS monitors and controls the status of WebSphere services and processes, collects system level performance data and collects and organizes historical information into customizable views.

The AutoPilot suite is available now. Licensing fees start at about $15,000 for the suite, which includes all three modules.