Suites Offer Supply Chain Dashboards

Qiva automates suppliers' trading systems; Vigilance, Harmony team on business performance software.

Two sets of developers are merging their software to provide application suites that enable companies to gain better visibility into the supply chain and control over supply chain events.

Qiva Inc. last week announced an update to its GLCS (Global Logistics Control System) supply chain management suite that provides enterprise shippers with a dashboard for tracking multimode logistics execution and import and export activities, as well as for managing trade security.

Separately, Vigilance Inc. and Harmony Software Inc. also last week announced a merger that will integrate the formers namesake supply chain event management applications and the latters Symphonic business performance measurement software. The goal is to release software dashboards that include business performance measurement, automated execution and monitoring capabilities, and business intelligence for manufacturers, logistics providers and retailers.

The new company, which will retain the Vigilance moniker, will provide the capability to synchronize real-time data from multiple source systems, targeted key performance indicators and business alerts, said officials from Vigilance, of Sunnyvale, Calif., and Harmony, of San Mateo, Calif.

The combined software, which will be available in the first quarter of next year, also will offer customizable executive views and historical tracking of past action-to-outcome reports to help with decision making.

Meanwhile, Version 3.0 of Qivas GLCS is the culmination of Qivas July 2001 acquisition of Capstan Systems Inc., which developed import/ export supply chain software. GLCS 3.0 provides a platform for integration and collaboration across a users enterprise that can be extended out to participants in a companys business network.

Upgrades to the 3.0 suite include extended multimodal capabilities, including ocean, air and small- parcel delivery; expanded port management, including filing and license management; expanded import management; and enhanced document management capabilities, according to officials at San Francisco-based Qiva.

Finally, GLCS 3.0 integrates rules management, screening technologies and logistics tracking into a central trade security framework.

PGP Corp., an encryption software developer, is using GLCS exclusion detection software to monitor incoming customer orders and check against a federal list of excluded individuals, groups and countries.

"If theres any kind of objection, an e-mail alert goes to a Qiva administrator, and she looks up what caused it," said Michael Doherty, vice president of technical operations at PGP, of Palo Alto, Calif. "We expect to get a customer service call if a customer is denied, and [this allows the administrator] to go in, look at the Qiva database and be prepared."