Sumo Logic Brings Machine Data Analytics to Microsoft Azure

The log management and analytics firm launched its apps in the Azure Marketplace, helping customers turn their cloud log data and metrics into insights.

Sumo Machine Data, Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Sumo Logic, a Redwood City, Calif., log management and analytics firm, announced Sept. 21 that it has joined the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, releasing two new certified products that enable customers to draw efficiency-enhancing, potentially business-boosting insights from their cloud application workloads.

Sumo Logic laid claim to an industry first earlier this year when it unveiled its enhanced cloud-based, machine-data analytics platform. Unrivaled in its ability to ingest, index and analyze structured metrics data as well as unstructured log data—all in real-time—the platform enables one-click troubleshooting, faster root case analysis among other time-saving benefits, according to the company.

By unifying logs and metrics into a holistic and contextual view, the software enables administrators to quickly spot trends and anomalous system behaviors that affect application performance. The company's machine-learning algorithms process both types of data, using pattern-matching techniques to find deviations and power the platform's alerting capabilities.

Judging solely by the sheer "amount of data that we process," the firm's approach is catching on, said Mark Bloom, product marketing director, Security and Compliance at Sumo Logic. On a daily basis, 110 petabytes worth of data is analyzed on the platform, he told eWEEK.

Now, the company is bringing Azure infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) workloads into the fold.

The first offering, Sumo Logic for Azure Audit, gathers data from Azure Audit Logs and Active Directory (AD), improving visibility into their how their cloud subscriptions are being used and the impact of changes to performance. On the Azure AD, administrators can monitor when users are being created and deleted, as well as changes applied at an administrative level, said Bloom.

For developers who are spinning up applications using Azure's PaaS portfolio, Sumo Logic Azure Web Apps' preconfigured dashboards offer health monitoring and performance visualization capabilities. It offers "visibility at the application level" as well as "the underlying server operations level," Bloom said.

Users can evaluate data traffic patterns and quickly determine where their customers hail from. Sumo Logic Azure Web Apps provides in-the-moment visibility to response codes and can be used to help unearth the causes of server and application errors.

Although Microsoft offers its own basic error logging and monitoring tools, they can fall a little short when organizations begin to grow a little more ambitious with their Azure-backed applications.

"Even with Azure's native logging and analytics tools, the vast amount of data flowing to make your network and applications operate can be overwhelming." Bloom wrote in a recent blog post. "The volume, variety and velocity of cloud data should not be underestimated. With the help of Sumo Logic, a trusted Microsoft partner, management of that data is simple."

Sumo Logic's all-in-one strategy can also help unclutter an IT professional's toolkit, said Bloom. "Think about all the different tools people are using," he said. "We bring them together into one solution. From a tools consolidation perspective, it's hugely valuable to organizations."

Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

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