Surebridge Offers Anti-Spam Services

Surebridge officials on Wednesday said the company has added an anti-spam application based on CipherTrust's IronMail appliance to its menu of hosted software services.

Surebridge Inc. officials on Wednesday said the company added an anti-spam application based on CipherTrust Inc.s IronMail appliance to its menu of hosted software services.

Surebridge, based in Lexington, Mass., will offer the IronMail service as SureHost Managed Anti-Spam. It will provide spam detection and policy-enforcement features designed to block unwanted spam messages while allowing legitimate business e-mail to pass through.

IronMail detects spam e-mail through a combination of a statistical lookup service, header analysis, heuristic traffic scanning, white lists, blacklists, content filtering and attachment filtering.

The Surebridge service will be a shared anti-spam environment that works through a gateway in which e-mail messages delivered to Surebridge and then forwarded to the recipient after being checked for spam and viruses.

Company officials said the CipherTrust product was selected because it provided highly-effective spam blocking that could be implemented with a low level of administrative maintenance and at a reasonable cost. CipherTrust, based in Atlanta has offered its IronMail technology for the past three years.

With an application-service approach, customers avoid the costs of installing, maintaining and ugrading the anti-spam technology in house, officials said. The Surebridge hosted service is available for a flat fee of $1.50 per user per month with a minimum monthly fee of $250 per month. Customers can obtain virus scanning and blocking service for an additional fee.

One benefit of a hosted software service is that customers can rapidly gain access to an important new business applications in an affordable way "allowing them to focus on their core businesses," said Mark Clayman, Surebridge vice president and chief information officer.

Surebridge is an online application-service provider (ASP) offering a variety of applications including customer relationship management, content management, supply-chain management, financial management, and human resource management.

In contrast to other ASPS that offer in-house-developed enterprise applications, Surebridge offers applications from established third-party software vendors, including Microsoft Corp. PeopleSoft Inc., Siebel Systems Inc. and Vignette Corp.

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John Pallatto

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