Take Control of your Computer

PC Magazine's TaskPower utility will help you control your Windows apps, tasks, and services.

Even when seemingly idle, your PC runs a multitude of processes. Some perform vital functions—controlling hard drives, for example—but others dont. All expend precious system resources, though, and the more they consume, the slower your system runs. Shutting down unnecessary processes can help return your PC to its former peppy self. But the tool Microsoft gives you for monitoring and terminating processes, Windows Task Manager, gives no clues about what the processes do, let alone which you can safely close.

TaskPower to the rescue. Our latest utility can identify, sort, and manage the applications, tasks, services, and drivers running on your computer. In the past, only the most computer-savvy users were able to understand and tweak these key Windows processes. Now anyone can take control. Instead of jumping among half a dozen folders or more to find out what drivers and services are in use, for example, you can see these processes at a glance, and you can start and stop them from the same interface.

Note that because TaskPower lets you start and stop fundamental processes on your system, the potential for system crashes and data loss exists. Before you perform any action, be sure you have backups of important data and programs and that you thoroughly understand what you are doing.