Tarantella, Citrix Battle over Remote Access

With Tarantella's Secure Global Desktop 4.0 Software Appliance Edition and Citrix's MetaFrame Presentation Server software, each company aims to address the challenges IT managers face when deploying critical business applications for remote access.

Tarantellas Secure Global Desktop 4.0 Software Appliance Edition addresses some of the challenges—security, centralized management and solid application performance—that enterprise IT managers face when deploying critical business applications for remote access.

However, SGD is not the only software-based remote access and deployment system in town. One of the biggest rivals to Tarantella Inc.s product is Citrix Systems Inc.s MetaFrame Presentation Server software.

Both MetaFrame and SGD provide strong product features, but MetaFrames function mix can handle heavier duties in distributed enterprises.

MetaFrame provides more advanced capabilities, such as centralized licensing and in-depth reporting, as well as auditing and compliance, which SGD does not offer.

On the other hand, SGDs flexibility and platform-agnostic architecture make it more suitable for heterogeneous environments and for sites that need remote application access rollout to be as fast as possible.

The SGD appliance can be installed on any x86 hardware, thus reducing deployment complexity. Because SGD isnt bound to any single platform, its not invasive to the application servers. No software needs to be installed on the application server to be published by SGD, and clients can access published applications using almost any Web browser. MetaFrame requires software installations on the server and the client systems.

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The fees per concurrent user are about the same for MetaFrame and SGD. However, the latest edition of MetaFrame, Version 3.0, provides a centralized licensing scheme that enables IT managers to handle all MetaFrame server licenses from a single point. The new MetaFrame license structure simplifies license tracking and reduces complexity in large environments.

Citrix offers three versions of MetaFrame Presentation Server. The Standard Edition is a centralized application access and control platform aimed at small companies. The Advanced Edition provides scalability and enhanced management features for small and midsize organizations. The Enterprise Edition provides high-end scalability, with rapid application deployment and enhanced management capabilities.

SGDs corresponding versions are, respectively, SGD Enterprise Edition, SGD Software Appliance Edition (which we tested) and SGD Terminal Server Edition. The Terminal Server Edition leverages Microsoft Corp.s RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), adding an intelligent management layer and security enhancements. The Terminal Server Edition lets sites protect their investments in Windows infrastructures.

SGD works on Linux and Solaris, which will likely make it more appealing for enterprises where security is the top priority. In contrast, MetaFrame runs on Windows and Unix.

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