Tech Toys for Breaking Bad's Walter White and Other TV Tough Cookies

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Tech Toys for Breaking Bad's Walter White and Other TV Tough Cookies

by Darryl K. Taft

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When Nicholas Brody wanted to keep his terrorist past under wraps from the CIA, he hid significant documents on his PC. But what happens if these documents are lost? Brody is, as the term goes, SOL. With specific instructions from his previous captors, he can't afford to lose any of this information. That's why he should turn to CrashPlan, cloud backup that secures your irreplaceable photos, music and documents offsite. Unique multi-destination support means your most important files can be backed up to the CrashPlan Central cloud, to an external drive, securely to a friend's computer or to all three for maximum protection. So while Brody might be playing with fire while lying to the CIA, his secrets won't be lost from him.

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Fitzgerald Grant is president of the United States. He is also having a steamy affair with high-profile crisis management expert Olivia Pope. Grant and Pope conspired to rig the election that secured Grant's current presidency. However, people are onto Pope, and she is now the victim of a stalker. To keep predators away, Pope can safeguard herself discreetly by putting the Spraytect case on her iPhone. Spraytect is a phone case that contains an on-the-go, built-in pepper spray, giving Pope the means to douse any possible attackers.

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The Walking Dead

In the post apocalyptic world filled with zombies, Rick Grimes from AMC's "The Walking Dead" has quite the difficult task of protecting and leading the few remaining humans. Life as they knew it is nonexistent, and they now must rely on new tools to outlive the zombies. This is where Eton products come into play. Eton's vision is to harness nature's energy to power products that keep people prepared, informed, entertained and on the go. From weather alert radios and backup battery packs to solar-powered sound systems, Eton keeps you connected, in the know and in tune. Pretty critical for Grimes.

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For Dexter Morgan, free time is hard to come by. By day he's a blood spatter analyst for the Miami-Dade Police Department and by night he's a serial killer. Since Dexter can't risk walking around carrying his killing equipment, we suggest the Pelican 1500 case. This case is watertight, crushproof, dustproof and has stainless steel hardware and padlocked protectors. Best of all, since it looks like a briefcase, people wouldn't assume it is full of equipment that will assist in the fatal stabbing of his next victim.

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Breaking Bad

Walter White has a lot on his mind, from his recent lung cancer diagnosis to his secret meth labs, his run-ins with the DEA—and his always talking about that darn second cell phone. For a drug kingpin, a prepaid cell phone is a must, but instead of those brick burner phones Walt and Jesse are always rocking, why not upgrade? If the meth-producing twosome went with a prepaid carrier like Solavei, they could switch out SIM cards on the regular—all while using an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S 4. Burner phone doesn't have to equal brick phone. Walt needs to put some of that car-washed money into a new smartphone.

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