Tenrox Receives a Facelift in Version 8

Version 8 of Tenrox's operational control software brings upgraded user interface with a graphical workflow tool and enhanced cost and billing features.

Professional services automation software developer Tenrox Tuesday will announce the next iteration of its operational control and compliance software.

Tenrox 8, designed for professional services firms and companies with internal IT departments, provides capabilities for automating billing, expense reporting, invoicing, chargebacks and project accounting, among other areas.

Version 8 brings a Web-based XML architecture, an upgraded user interface with a graphical workflow tool, a new reporting tool and enhanced cost and billing features.

The upgraded interface does away with Web page refreshes by providing hyperlinks instead of buttons while the cost and billing enhancements enable the software to handle a broader range of billing scenarios.

In addition, Version 8 includes a date-based, real-time cost-and-billing engine that allows for the real-time entry of hourly, fixed, flat charge, prorated and daily pay and billings rules—all with the ability to be based on users, clients, projects, tasks and dates. Likewise, the engine supports split billing and recurring rate rules, officials said.

A transaction and item cost and billing feature automates billing of non-time related items—project overhead, bonuses, interest charges and discounts, for example—and allows billable charges to be included in an invoice.

Batch invoicing and chargeback capabilities allow for multiple invoices to be generated in a single operation, which allows invoices to be reviewed in groups. Configurable workflows enable users to quickly set up repeatable processes such as time, expense, invoicing and leave requests.

Version 8 can be synched with Microsoft Project to enable time and expense information to be automatically transferred from Tenrox software to Project with no manual input, the company said.

At the same time, Tenrox, of Laval, Quebec, has improved the softwares integration with ERP [enterprise resource planning] software packages ACCPAC, QuickBooks, SAP, ADP, Ceridian and Microsofts GreatPlains and Navision.