Terracotta BigMemory Go ISV Partner Program Launched

Terracotta announced the launch of a new ISV partner program for its BigMemory Go in-memory solution.

Terracotta, a provider of in-memory technologies for enterprise big data, has launched its new BigMemory Go ISV Partner Program.

The new Terracotta partner program offers software vendors a way to instantly offer real-time big data access to their customers. With the recently released Terracotta BigMemory Go, vendors can snap in a simple, fast, highly scalable in-memory solution that will deliver immediate access to high-value business data.

BigMemory Go stores data in users' servers' RAM, scaling to as much memory as their machines can hold. BigMemory Go lets users keep all of their applications' data instantly available in their servers' memory.

For users using only a few gigabytes of RAM for fear of garbage collection performance hits, BigMemory Go in-memory data management can help by providing enterprise-grade reliability and performance without tuning or proprietary hardware—all with 32GB free, the company said.

"We are thrilled to offer our software partners access to BigMemory Go to easily develop high-performance applications that deliver unrivaled speed and scale," Bob Taylor, alliance manager at Terracotta, said in a statement. "Terracotta is bringing the in-memory big data management revolution to ISVs who will profit from BigMemory Go's get-it-and-go simplicity as well as significant customer opportunities."

"BigMemory Go is a great way for us to introduce our customers to real-time analytics," John Crupi, chief technology officer at JackBe, a maker of enterprise mash-up software for real-time intelligence applications and an early user of the BigMemory Go solution, said in a statement. "BigMemory makes it easy for our Presto customers to instantly analyze and visualize operational intelligence in real time so customers know what's happening now and can instantly measure business impact."

Like JackBe and Liferay, which have already joined, ISVs who are accepted into the partner program will receive product training and technical assistance with implementing BigMemory Go projects, access to technical previews of upcoming releases and co-marketing support.

Terracotta's BigMemory solutions, first introduced in 2010, have helped define and set the standard for in-memory big data management, the company said. Requiring no tuning or additional hardware, BigMemory Go provides software vendors with a less costly and more scalable alternative to disk-backed relational databases, while delivering up to one thousand times faster access to terabytes of data, according to Terracotta.

"A combination of real-time response and the use of big data to properly target that response is an essential part of creating business value today," Anne MacFarland, principal of MacFarland Consulting, said in a statement. "Big Memory Go scales up memory capacity on a single JVM [Java Virtual Machine], increasing the scalability of Java and also opening new classes of applications to new opportunities for process acceleration. For any data center using Java, this is exciting news."

Key capabilities of BigMemory Go include unlimited in-memory capacity for a standalone JVM; predictable, low latency data access (microsecond speeds); automatic resource control to optimize memory use; advanced search capabilities (like GroupBy); and a management console for visibility and administration. BigMemory Go is also backed by a fully fault-tolerant, crash-resilient store, and capacity can be easily added for scaling up and scaling out.

"Our community often leverages Liferay to present the front end to extremely large sets of data, and fast search, access and restart times are always a requirement," Glenn Saler, North America alliance manager for Liferay, said in a statement. "Developers and architects can now leverage BigMemory Go as part of a scalable solution for enterprise big data architecture."

Applications for the BigMemory Go ISV Partner Program are currently being accepted. ISVs interested in the Terracotta partner program should contact Bob Taylor, the company’s alliance manager.