The 10 Best High-Tech Engines

Review: Technology has brought the price of turbocharged engines down and made them reliable for everyday driving. (TechnoRide)

All engines get you where youre going, but some do it with better fuel efficiency, more power per liter, or better NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) characteristics.

Each year the editors of Wards Auto World pick the best 10 engines.

For 2006, four of the 10 have forced induction, meaning supercharging or turbocharging, and three have DIG (direct injection gasoline), in which the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder rather than into the intake manifold (ducting) leading to the engine.

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The result of DIG is quicker response getting off at stoplights.

A generation ago, turbocharged or supercharged engines were only found on exotic cars.

Now, technology has brought the price down, and just as important, made them reliable for everyday driving.

Audi and General Motors have two engines each on the list.

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